Neustar Security Services is Now Vercara

• New brand identity cements the company’s focus on securing the online experience with a purpose-built, global cloud security platform

Neustar Security Services is now operating as Vercara, a new brand with the same laser focus on securing the online experience for many of the world’s largest enterprises. The new identity, part of the company’s evolution to a standalone entity, centers around Vercara’s purpose-built, global cloud security platform that provides layers of protection to safeguard businesses’ online presence from attacks no matter where they originate or where they are aimed.

“Rebranding to Vercara is a significant milestone in our transformation, fueled by investments in what matters most to our customers: new and enhanced products and services, increased network capacity and performance, and expanded geographic coverage,” said Colin Doherty, CEO. “We continuously strive to provide a compelling, engaging customer experience, and this latest step in our journey further bolsters our commitment to delivering best-in-class cloud security products and unrivaled 24/7 customer support.”

Vercara has doubled down on its commitment to providing industry-leading cloud security solutions that are flexible, easily adaptable, highly scalable, and vendor-agnostic, minimizing effort for customers and enabling them to focus on growing their businesses. Vercara’s signature consultative, collaborative approach is baked into the organization’s core values and is critical to ensuring that its solutions are always responsive, optimal, and tailored to customers’ operational practices. The company’s depth of human knowledge remains critical to maximizing the impact of its industry-leading Ultra product line. Customers will continue to have access to 24/7 support from experienced and highly specialized experts.

“Vercara has already distinguished itself in the marketplace with its purpose-built cloud platform supported by points of presence around the globe,” added Stewart Bloom, Chairman, Board of Directors for Vercara. “It is only fitting that the organization now establishes a new identity that reflects the diligence and care that it demonstrates in supporting its customers, partners, and people every day. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration with the Vercara team with an unwavering focus on innovation, performance, and service.”

The new name is a fusion of “verit” and “cara,” Latin for truth and beloved, respectively. A sharp, distinctive “V” icon, created by combining dynamic angled planes, forms the new logo. When combined with the product brand of “Ultra,” which means to go beyond or transcend, the result is an embodiment of relentless dedication to protecting customers’ most important assets with a highly respected and trusted suite of cloud-delivered security services.